The World's Strongest Blockchain Alliance

A digital wealth ecosystem built for the new digital economy.

A Link For Global Blockchain Communities

HyperCapital is building the world’s largest blockchain alliance, Hyper Community, by creating a “link” between the world’s blockchains and bringing together all communities into one decentralized ecosystem, where everyone benefits and innovative blockchain projects have the opportunity to thrive.

300 Masternodes Worldwide

HyperCapital is governed by 300 masternodes that are running 24/7 to ensure transaction privacy, instant transactions, and that our ecosystem is secure and transparent. 

The HyperCapital Ecosystem

The Universal Central Reserve (UCR)


UCR Reserve Pool

The UCR Reserve Pool serves as a “reserve” of mainstream digital assets designed to keep the ecosystem stable, to maintain stable interest rates, and to fund innovative blockchain projects through HyperLand, our tech incubator.

HyperCommunity Alliance

Governed by 300 masternodes, the HyperCapital community is powered by PoA (Proof of Alliance) blockchain technology and expands upon the traditional bond market, allowing the Universal Central Reserve to issue “Convertible Digital Bonds,” or CDBs.

Convertible Digital Bond (CDB)

A convertible digital bond is as the name implies: a digitized bond powered blockchain technology and smart contracts. The main difference from traditional bonds is that it can be converted into new digital assets at market value. Holders of digital bonds can hold their bonds and earn interest or sell them in liquid markets.

HyperLand Tech Incubator

HyperLand is a state of the art tech incubator where innovative blockchain projects can join our ecosystem, receive funding from our central reserve, and massive exposure to our media partners and every community within our blockchain alliance.

Global Mainstream Exchanges

Through our strategic partnership with HCash, HyperCapital is connected to the largest global digital asset exchanges, which gives blockchain projects in HyperLand a strong opportunity to be listed on top exchanges.

Our Strategic Partners:

HCash (HC)

HCash is a decentralized & open-source cross-platform cryptocurrency designed to make the exchange between blockchains & non-blockchain networks simple and easy. Through HCash’s unique PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake) mechanism, various blockchains such a BTC, ETH, & LTC are able to “connect” to each other to freely exchange value and information, thus redefining the value of a blockchain.